30+ Art Activities for Preschoolers (2024)

We’ve put together a list of the BEST easy art activities for preschoolers! These preschool art projects are simple and creative, and can be made with items you already have around the house!

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Preschool Art Projects

The preschool years are such a fun time to explore art with children! Their fine motor skills have improved since toddlerhood, and they have an improved attention span that may be able to focus a little longer on craft projects. These fun art activities for preschoolers are perfect for diving into process art with your kids! Most of these craft activities make for simple projects that can be done in a few minutes, but pretty soon you’ll be having so much fun – you’ll want to make everything on this list!

Use these awesome preschool art projects to instill a lifetime love of art and creativity into your little one! Not only are they fun to make and create, but they help children develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills, which will help them in many subjects as children get older.

Get started on one of these way-too-cool art lessons with your preschooler today!

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30 Fun Art Activities for Preschoolers

These preschool art projects are perfect for engaging young children by using a wide range of materials and mediums!

Pom-Pom Painting

Pom-Pom Painting from Happiness is Homemade: For an easy project, use pom-poms to paint instead of paintbrushes! It results in a totally different look than using a brush. You may need to clip the pom-pom with a clothespin to make it easier for toddlers to use the pom-pom without making a big mess. Try using washable paint for an even easier cleanup!

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Recycled Plantable Seed Paper

Make Recycled Plantable Seed Paper from Happiness is Homemade: My boys love shredding paper, so this project was a MUST for us! It’s a great lesson on how to reduce, reuse, and recycle for kids of all ages. The perfect project for Spring or celebrating Earth Day! This is a fun idea for 3-year-olds and up.

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Shaving Cream Art

Shaving Cream Art from Natural Beach Living: Incorporate all the bright colors of the rainbow into this fun activity making shaving cream marbled paper. The end result is stunning, and you can use the technique to make some fun art for the kids’ playroom.

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Q-Tip Painted Dragonflies

Q-Tip Painted Dragonfly Craft from Projects with Kids: Using Q-tips to paint makes for such fun fine motor development! Plus, most of us have these on hand! This dragonfly craft is an excellent choice for summer when you so often see colorful dragonflies skimming over the water.

30+ Art Activities for Preschoolers (6)

Scrap Paper Design Composition

Scrap Paper Design Composition from Barley & Birch: Make good use of your leftover paper scraps with this easy composition craft! Kids layer the colors and shapes and then use a white viewfinder to see how different the composition looks depending on how it’s framed.

Marble Painting

Marble Painting from Happiness is Homemade: Kids really enjoy this hands-on activity! Add a white piece of paper or watercolor paper to a tray, squeeze acrylic paint or tempera paint over the page, add some marbles, and start tilting the tray. The marbles do all the work of moving the paint around. Experiment with different color combinations. This project is a great introduction to color mixing – use primary colors and make a rainbow!

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Tape Resist Mess-Free Painting

Tape Resist Mess-Free Painting from The Soccer Mom Blog: Use this mess-free paint technique to make a beautiful piece of decor for your child’s room with his or her initial. The final product looks great hanging up!

30+ Art Activities for Preschoolers (9)

Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk

Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk from Messy Little Monster: Combine sidewalk chalk art with a science experiment! This fizzy paint will get lots of giggles from the kids as their drawings bubble up and wash away. Older kids and younger children can both enjoy this activity!

30+ Art Activities for Preschoolers (10)

Leaf Prints

Leaf Prints from Growing Family: When fall comes around, gather leaves of various shapes and sizes to make leaf prints with paint in fall colors. You can also do this in the spring with freshly picked leaves and flowers! It’s such a fantastic way to incorporate a nature lesson into your art!

Color Collage Art

Color Collage Art from Happiness is Homemade: This color collage activity is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to reinforce color recognition. Best of all, it requires no prep! Simply encourage the kids to find small objects around the house (or from a provided assortment of craft supplies) that match the color of the paper and glue them to the page.

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Mosaic Heart Chalk Activity

Mosaic Heart Chalk Activity from Bilingual Beginnings: Grab your sidewalk chalk and painter’s tape to work with your preschooler on this fantastic outdoor art activity. The geometric heart is outlined in painters tape, and once that is done, the kids can get to work with their chalk. When you peel the tape away, the final result is a lovely mosaic that looks almost like stained glass!

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Stomping Bubble Wrap Painting

Stomping Bubble Wrap Painting from The Soccer Mom Blog:Bubble wrap is fantastic for using with paint to create interesting texture on your artwork, but have you ever thought of wrapping your kids’ feet in bubble wrap? Try it! If you don’t have any bubble wrap on hand, try substituting plastic bags! They’ll love stomp painting to create artwork for their bedrooms!

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Water Pistol Painting

Water Pistol Painting from Messy Little Monster: Grab the kids’ squirt guns for this fantastic fun painting activity. How fun is it to put paint in a water gun and squirt it all over a canvas? Preschoolers will totally dig this outdoor activity!

Monster Truck Splatter Painting

Monster Truck Splatter Painting from Happiness is Homemade: Boys are going to love this true process art technique using the wheels of their toy cars and trucks to spread paint all over the canvas! Of course, girls who love cars will enjoy this activity, too!

30+ Art Activities for Preschoolers (16)

Hammered Nature Art

Hammered Nature Art from Barley & Birch: This art project is a hands-on way to experiment with natural pigments. Hammer out flowers, leaves, stems, and loose petals to see which colors result. Not only is it a great way to use sight and touch, but young kids will discover all sorts of new fragrances as they squish out the plant pieces!

30+ Art Activities for Preschoolers (17)

Warhol Art for Kids

Warhol Art for Kids from Still Playing School: Kids can create Andy Warhol-style paintings using their self-portraits repeated in rows. This technique encourages kids to think outside the box with colors!

30+ Art Activities for Preschoolers (18)

Mixed Up Chameleon Rainbow Art

Mixed Up Chameleon Rainbow Art from Fun-a-Day: For extra fun, pair this art activity with the bookThe Mixed-Up Chameleon! Make rainbow scales by stamping paint on the canvas or paper with a wine cork.

Pour-Painted Pots

Pour-Painted Pots from Happiness is Homemade: Not only are these pour painted pots fun to make, but they make lovely gifts for Mother’s Day or anytime during spring when people are planting flowers, herbs, and other goodies.

30+ Art Activities for Preschoolers (20)

Sunflower Art for Kids

Sunflower Art for Kids from Natural Beach Living: Sunflowers are so cheerful, aren’t they? Make one with the kids using paint and real sunflower seeds! Making uniform petals is super easy when you use a slightly squished toilet roll to stamp out the outlines of each one first.

30+ Art Activities for Preschoolers (21)

Toilet Roll Stamp Flowers

Toilet Roll Stamp Flowers from Taming Little Monsters: After making the sunflower above, check out some other types of stamped flowers! (Toilet rolls are so useful for arts and crafts, so I hope you’re saving them!) In this case, you’ll cut the ends of the toilet paper tubes into petals to stamp out beautiful flowers. Think how lovely it would be if you did this on a big piece of craft paper or parchment paper to use as wrapping paper!

Mosaic Animal Collage

Mosaic Animal Collage from Happiness is Homemade: Tear and cut pieces of construction paper or tissue paper to make your favorite animal! This lion turned out pretty cute! Tearing and cutting are both excellent fine motor activities for little ones!

30+ Art Activities for Preschoolers (23)

Crayon Resist Snowflake Art

Crayon Resist Snowflake Art from Messy Little Monster: Learning how to do crayon resist art is a great way to introduce kids to a new art technique. In this project, use white crayons to draw snowflakes on white paper. When you paint over them with watercolor paint, the snowflake designs will magically appear! This technique can be adapted for any season or theme.

30+ Art Activities for Preschoolers (24)

Paintless Watercolor Process Art

Paintless Watercolor Process Art from Team Cartwright: Did you know that you could do watercolor art without watercolor paints? This art activity is so clever! Use markers and water to create gorgeous pastel watercolor art.

30+ Art Activities for Preschoolers (25)

Paper Plate Fish Aquarium

Paper Plate Fish Aquarium from Director Jewels: Create an adorable aquarium using paper plates, paint, and construction paper. This project is perfect for teaching young children about different sea creatures and their habitats.

30+ Art Activities for Preschoolers (26)

Bubble Wrap Rain Art

Bubble Wrap Rain Art from 1-2-3 Homeschool 4 Me: Combine bubble wrap and paint to create a rainy day scene with your preschooler! This project is perfect for discussing the weather and practicing fine motor skills.

30+ Art Activities for Preschoolers (27)

Melted Crayon Butterflies

Melted Crayon Butterflies from Barley & Birch: Recycle an old white t-shirt or use muslin scraps to make these gorgeous melted crayon butterflies. This is such a fun way to use broken crayon pieces. Kids will need help with the ironing portion, and some may need help with cutting the fabric into butterfly shapes.

30+ Art Activities for Preschoolers (28)

Fork-Painted Truffula Trees

Fork-Painted Truffula Trees from School Time Snippets: Fork painting can be used to create interesting textures in otherwise ordinary pictures. Take these Truffula trees inspired by the book The Lorax—don’t they have lots of texture and visual interest?

30+ Art Activities for Preschoolers (29)

Splat Preschool Art

Splat Preschool Art from Fun-a-Day: Take this activity outdoors. It’s messy, but fun. Large pom-poms are dipped in paint and then splattered onto craft paper. Big kids will enjoy this activity just as much as your preschooler. Have them drop or throw the pom-poms from various distances from the paper to see how that changes the size and direction of the “splat.”

30+ Art Activities for Preschoolers (30)

Oil and Water Droplet Painting

Oil and Water Droplet Painting from Stay at Home Educator: This oil and water painting combines art and science to create a beautiful piece of frame-worth art. However, we love that the art was used to make homemade gift tags. What a fun personal touch!

30+ Art Activities for Preschoolers (31)

Rainbow Tape-Resist Art

Rainbow Tape-Resist Art from Little Bins for Little Hands: Here’s another tape-resist project that looks a little more abstract and geometric. It’s definitely a wall-worthy piece of art!

With process art activities, the focus is less on the final outcome and more on the creative ways that the children approach the creative process and their problem solving – both major benefits of art creation!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this amazing list of preschool crafts and creative activities! Don’t forget to save this list of fun art projects for later – there are so many fun ideas here for preschool and toddler art projects!

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