Letter Q Activities – Letter Q Worksheets, Crafts, and Coloring Pages (2024)

Your kiddos will love learning their letters with these fun letter Q activities. As a former preschool teacher and a current homeschool mom I know that learning happens best when it’s made fun. I loved doing fun educational activities in my preschool class and at home with my boys when they were little.

One of my favorite ways to teach was through crafts and coloring pages. I’d balance the fun activities with interesting worksheets that taught the concepts being learned.

Today I want to share with you some resources I’ve collected that will help you teach the letter Q to preschoolers.

But first, pin these letter Q activities for easy access later.

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Free Letter Q Worksheets

Let’s start with the worksheets. Teach your little ones to write both uppercase Q and lowercase q with these free printable letter Q worksheets.

Free Printable Customizable Handwriting Worksheets

Before I share the specific, pre-made printable worksheets I’ve found I want to share a resource that has been incredibly useful to me over the years – HandwritingWorksheets.com.

You can create and print customized handwriting worksheets with this resource. Use it for letter tracing or word tracing. Handwriting Worksheets is such a valuable free homeschooling resource.

Now let’s get to the fun worksheets!

Letter Q Alphabet Worksheet Packet

This letter Q worksheet packet provides tons of worksheets for your preschoolers.


Letter Q Words Writing Practice

Your preschooler will learn new words beginning with the letter Q while they practice writing their letters with this great worksheet.


Find the Letter Q Worksheet

Help your little one learn to distinguish the letter Q from other letters with this letter-find worksheet.


Lowercase Letter q Handwriting Practice

This worksheet focuses only on the lowercase letter q, giving your preschooler extra practice on this sometimes tricky letter.


Multi Activity Letter Q Worksheet

Your preschooler will enjoy the various letter Q activities this worksheet offers.


Letter Q Writing Practice Worksheet

Your kiddos can practice writing both uppercase and lowercase letter Q/q with this worksheet.


Alphabet Connect the Dots Letters A-Q

Here’s a fun connect the letter worksheet that goes from letters A to Q.


Free Letter Q Coloring Pages

Next, we move along to the letter Q coloring pages. Coloring pages are a fun way to teach preschoolers what letters look like. Many coloring pages also teach beginning letter sounds by displaying common nouns that start with the featured letter.

Q is for Quarter Letter Q Coloring Page

This coloring page is great for a lesson about the letter Q or a lesson about American money.


Words That Start with the Letter Q Coloring Page

Expose your child to more words beginning with the letter Q with this fun coloring page.


Letter Q Dot Painting Coloring Page

This coloring page can be painted or colored with crayons and markers while your kiddo learns about the letter Q.


Q is for Quilt Letter Q Coloring Page

This Q is for Quilt coloring page will allow your kiddo to get creative with color.


Q is for Quesadilla Dot Marker Coloring Page

Your little one can use dot markers or regular markers to color this letter Q coloring page.


Letter Q Crafts for Preschoolers

These fun letter Q crafts and activities will spark your little one’s creativity and teach them all about the letter Q and letter Q words.

Q is for Quail Cupcake Liner Craft

Here’s a fun letter Q craft to do with cupcake liners!


Q is for Q-tip Letter Q Craft

You’ll find lots of q-tip crafts in my letter Q craft suggestions. Here’s an easy one for even the smallest hands to complete.


Footprint Quail Letter Q Craft

This one is a little messy, but totally worth it to preserve those adorable preschooler footprints in a fun craft.


Q is for Queen Letter Q Handprint Craft

Don’t forget those sweet little handprints! Preserve them with this letter Q handprint craft.


Letter Q Q-tip Mandala Craft

Kindergarteners will love creating a beautiful mandala with q-tips in this letter Q craft.

Q is for Quilt Letter Q Craft

What a unique craft idea! Piece together scraps of fabric on paper with glue to make a lovely Q is for Quilt craft.


Letter Q Q-tip Painting Activity

Q-tip painting is fun for toddlers and preschoolers. They’ll love this idea.


Lowercase Letter q is for Queen Craft

This craft focuses on the lowercase letter q instead of the uppercase form of the letter.


Letter Q Activities – Letter Q Worksheets, Crafts, and Coloring Pages (2024)
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