Mother of the Bride Dresses 2024 | Jovani (2024)

Choose the Right MOB Dress:

Choosing the right MOB dress is based on the combination of the individual's style with the wedding theme. The MOB's outfit needs careful selection, taking into account both the wedding's style and formality.Additionally,it is common that the MOB often chooses something similar to the groom's mother for a harmonious look. Being comfortable is another factor. The dress should match the body shape. Season and Venue are the other two points. A velvet, taffeta or lace dress is very suitable for the winter wedding, and for summer, you can choose something silky and light.

Silhouette Options for Mother of the Bride Dresses

The 2024 collection includes many silhouettes, including empire waist A-line gowns and beaded bodices adorned with feathers and rhinestones. Sheath bodycon beaded lace dresses are also a big part of the collection for those who wish to wear something more covered. Metallic stretch sequin fabric is also used to design long mob dresses on one shoulder or off the shoulder. The beaded dress with the sheer cape to cover the shoulders is another perfect choice.

Neckline and Sleeve:

Off the shoulder gowns are in very high demand. Many off the shoulders are designed with lace or crepe. The sleeve can be either short, three-quarter long, or bell sleeves. The variations give options to those wanting something more revealing or covered. High Neckline is a great choice for mothers who want full coverage on the bust line. Sheer is a popular fabric used in covering the bust. The boat neckline is a very good form, extending horizontally across the collarbone from shoulder to shoulder.

Color and Fabric Choices

Mother of the bride dresses are grouped in three tones. Light tones include gold, beige, blush, and light sliver. Mid-tone colors are not that light, but they are not dark either; colors such as green, teal, royal blue, orange, and yellow fall in this group. Then, We have dresses in dark shadows that are more intense with deeper shades. Popular colors of the year are burgundy, navy, black, purple, dark chocolate, and aubergine. Regardless of the color, each dress is designed with luxurious details such as rhinestones, sequins, feathers or rosette, and bow details.

Alterations and Tailoring: Ensuring a Perfect Fit

Most mother of the bride dresses need some fit adjustment and alteration after purchase. The major adjustments need to be made to the length and size of the dress in case the dress runs a bit small or big. Other adjustments, such as style modification based on personal choice, can also be done to tweak the design. The most important point is that the dress fits well and feels comfortable.

Shopping Tips for Mother of the Bride Dresses

Shopping for a MOBdress can sometimes be challenging. We suggest checking with boutiques that are specialized in evening and mother of the bride dresses and have enough samples to show you. The dresses can be ordered in your size and desired color since Jovani keeps a good amount of inventory in stock and is able to deliver your order on time.

Choosing a mother-of-the-bride dress is a big part of wedding preparation. It's important to take time to choose a dress that's classy and flattering. Start by checking out stores that have mother-of-the-bride and evening dresses in stock. Think about the wedding's colors when picking a dress. A dress that matches the wedding theme makes everything look put together. Also, consider the season when to choose the right fabric. For a fancy wedding, a long, embellished formal gown is perfect. For a beach wedding, go for light, breezy fabrics such as silk, satin, or sheer. Thinking about the time of year and place is very important. For celebrations outside or in hot weather, clothes made from light material and short sleeves may feel better. On the other hand, if the event is indoors or during a colder season, outfits with thick material and long sleeves might be more suitable. Don’t forget to consider your comfort and perfect fit. Go for gowns that complement your body shape. Don't hesitate to test different shapes until you find the best fit. Keep in mind that alterations can substantially enhance a fitting, so an almost perfect dress can be tweaked for a flawless fit.

Mother of the Bride Dresses 2024 | Jovani (2024)
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