6 Easy Recipes Rich in Magnesium (2024)

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Magnesium is a crucialmineral needed for our body to stay healthy and functioning at it’s best. Here are six easy and delicious gluten free recipes rich in magnesium. Healthy recipes to add to your diet. Plus you get to learna little more about magnesium too!

Friends! It’s Friday! I love saying that. YES! Friday! And although I tend to work on the weekends, it’s still nice to do less. But let’s take a moment and wrap up the week, because it’s important for today’s post. Mmm k?

Monday we (okay, just me really) talked about the need for REAL food recovery meals and how Blackberries and Basil are great for that! High in antioxidants, immunity, and Vitamins (Vitamin C for blackberries and K for the Basil to be exact). And it doesn’t hurt that they are in Nacho form.

Wednesday we talked about breakfast, fueling, and mylove forFIGS! They are just as good or better than bananas. High in fiber, potassium, and the more ripe the more antioxidants they contain. That’s FIGGIN awesome!

Today (Friday), I wanted to talk about my absolute favorite mineral –> MAGNESIUM! Yes, I’m a nerd and I have a favorite. But there is a darn good reason too.

I will be the first to admit that adrenal fatigue comes around more often than it should in the Cotter household. Like a wave, it washes in, washes out. And it all comes down to how we respond to stress. Um, I’m not good at responding to it, but I’m learning. One of the minerals that truly helps me during times of stress (or ANYTIME for that matter) is magnesium.

Magnesium is one of the first minerals that gets depleted in our adrenals when we are stressed or overtrained, alongside sodium. Poor lil adrenals, they are basically sucked dry. Adrenal Burnout ya’ll. Not good! (source). If our body is in overdrive (mentally or physically) than Magnesium is probably going to be missing.

In order to support our adrenals and the balance of cortisol, we need to make sure we absorb enough Magnesium in the body. Think of Magnesium as good maintenancefor those who don’t have adrenal burnout. But for those who do, magnesium is a must! It also supports immunity, healthy gut flora, and our thyroid. Do you see why I love this mineral?

I also ove natural calm for this reason. And no they didn’t pay me to say that.

So yes, we can supplement with Magnesium, but what I think is most important is to reduce stressand eat healthyfoods naturally rich in Magnesium. Eating all the foods is easy, stressing less and slowing down may be the hardest one (for me at least).

Foods Rich in Magnesium

  • leafy greens
  • pumpkin seeds/sunflower seeds (most tree nuts)
  • brown rice/quinoa
  • fish (salmon andmackerelare highest)
  • Squash
  • Beans and lentils
  • dates
  • Molasses
  • dark Chocolate
  • Avocado

That’s a pretty tasty list! But to make it even easier and LESSSTRESSFUL for you, I’ll give you 6 EASY gluten free recipes RICH in Magnesium. Sound good?

1. Salmon Salad Power Bowl

This is like the Mega Magnesium Salad. It contains squash, salmon, and leafy greens! Throw in some pumpkin seeds and your set!

2. Everything but the Kitchen Sink Soup

Oh how i love this soup. You can fill it with tons of leftovers! I used lentils and spinach in this one (for Magnesium).

3.CinnamonBites with Pumpkin Seed

A great way to get more pumpkin seed in your diet. Love using them in this bites. Bonus points if you add in choppeddates, right?

6 Easy Recipes Rich in Magnesium (4)

4.Breakfast Power Bowls

I should rename this Breakfast Magnesium Bowls. It’s contains quinoa, chia, dark chocolate chips, and pumpkin seeds/almonds. OH YEA!

6 Easy Recipes Rich in Magnesium (5)

5.Egg and White Bean Tostada

Here’s where you can get your bean fill! And the leafy greens! I used brussel sprout shavings but you can always switch it out for kale or spinach. P.S. the sprouted corn tortillas will benefit youabsporption!

And last but not least…

6.Broccoli Blueberry Slaw

More seeds! More greens! And feel free to add in dates versus berries.

Now that we’ve upped our magnesium intake, it’s time to start decreasing our stress. Ugh, I’m working on it. In fact, I just took a lot offmy schedulefor the next month. Wow, that feels good.

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Alright, now go grab some dark chocolate and feel good about Magnesium. What, too corny?

Out of all those Magnesium food sources, which one do you eat most?


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6 Easy Recipes Rich in Magnesium (2024)
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