15 Magnificent Bridal Shower Venues (2024)

It’s time to celebrate the bride! So let’s start planning. Before you start to consider anything, you will need to pick a place to host the bridal shower.

This blog post is all about places to have a bridal shower.

Picking a location for your event could be kind of tricky. It depends on the size of the place and the number of guests you will be inviting.

It also depends on the time of day. For example, for a bridal brunch or dinner party, the time of day would differ. Availability will differ as well. You also have to consider how high or low your spending budget is for certain event spaces.

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In this blog post, we will talk about the best places to have a bridal shower. You will see everything from a venue to outdoor spaces.

After reading this, you will have a better idea of where to host a bridal shower. And get the bride excited for her big day.

Best Places to Have a Bridal Shower

1. Farm

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A farm or barn is a unique space to host a bridal shower. It is perfect for a rustic bridal shower theme. It is warm cozy and natural looking. The bride will love this location and it will help her feel at ease.

2. Restaurant

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A restaurant is a neutral and comfortable environment that is great for holding an abundance of people. You do not have to worry about food or drinks. Serving, cooking, and setting up are basically taken care of by the restaurant. Learn more about the benefits of hosting a restaurant bridal shower HERE.

3. Banquet Hall

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Hosting a bridal shower at a venue is a very formal location for a bridal shower. Depending on your location, this is the pricier choice for places to celebrate. You will need to find a venue and book it as soon as possible. You’d want to check availability, limits, and any other restrictions.

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4. Country Club

If you are an exclusive member of a country club. Have an exquisite shower for the bride there. She will be so impressed.

5. Church

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Definitely a choice for a modest bride. This is a good bridal shower location if you are active in your church and are a part of the hospitality ministry. some churches have rooms available for events.

It is also a good idea to host a bridal shower at a church if the bride is a member.

Talk it over with the pastor and make sure it doesn’t interfere with any thin on the church calendar.

6. Botanical Garden

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Outdoor spaces are a wonderful setting for a bridal shower. We like the idea of a botanical garden because we think the natural lighting flowers would look fabulous with bridal shower decor.

You will need to speak to the director of the space to see if you could have a special event there. There may be a fee or requirements to use the space.

7. Town Center

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Take the bride to her favorite downtown spot. It could be a coffee shop, lounge, happy hour etc. Let the location know in advance your will need a table for “X” number of people.

Then afterwards explore the downtown area. After loading the gifts in the bride’s car of course).

8. Hotel

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Ain’t no party like a hotel party! Have a small intimate bridal shower at a hotel. This is a good idea if the bride wants to go out of town.

9. Park

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This is such an easy bridal shower location. Just call your local parks and rec. and get a permit for the space. View their event guidelines and decorate accordingly. (Check the weather in advance and have a rain date).

10. Winery

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No matter what time of day it is, your bridal shower could always use a little wine. Why not make your bridal shower around this delicious alcoholic beverage?

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11. Studio

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Art galleries, dance studio, and recording studios are unique places to host a bridal shower. This will definitely make some wonderful memories.

12. Escape Room

This is for a smaller bridal shower but you could ask the place for an extra hour in advance. That way you could do the escape and then exchange gifts after. It is a good idea to bring small or inexpensive gifts to this event.

13. Beach

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14. Arcade/Casino

If you are having a Vegas-themed party have your bridal shower at a casino. This also ties into the restaurant or hotel setting. Pick a place inside the casino and get the party started.

This is a good location if you want to jump right into gambling after. Monetary gifts are the best at this location.

If you are not into gambling, release your inner child at an arcade or gamer place like Dave and Busters. So you could Drink, open gifts, play games and be merry.

15. Home

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There’s no place like home! This is the best place in my opinion to host a bridal shower. Your home is versatile and you are 100% in control of the space.

Hosting a bridal shower at your home includes the backyard, front porch, and drive-by celebrations. It doesn’t cost anything and you won’t have to leave after.

The only disadvantage is that you will have to clean up after everyone leaves. But we think it will be worth it.

Bonus place to have a bridal shower

16. Virtually

A virtual bridal shower event has been more popular since last year. Check out these fun virtual bridal shower games you could play.

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15 Magnificent Bridal Shower Venues (14)
15 Magnificent Bridal Shower Venues (2024)
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