10 Bridal Shower Game Ideas You Won't Hate Playing (2024)

While bridal shower games are not typically my favorite party trick, I will admit they help "break the ice" when introducing a number of people for the first time—and a game, or two, can cohesively complete a party agenda if done well. The key? Don't overthink it (or over do it) and keep the scheduling to a minimum.

Kick off the festivities with an activity that allows your guests to mingle and get to know one another over co*cktails, while simultaneously celebrating the couple of honor. Follow up with one or two more games later on in the party that play up ideas and themes that are significant to the bride-to-be and the wedding. Here, 10 BAZAAR Bride approved shower games that are unique and won't make you eye-roll at the thought of playing with your family and closest friends.

1. Memory Matching

With a room full of bridesmaids, family, and close friends, there’s a guaranteed arsenal of beloved memories—from school dances to nights out, other weddings and galas, and maybe even trips to far-flung places—tap into those connections from over the years. Invite everyone to write down a cherished memory of themselves with the bride (without her knowing what moment you chose). Put all the memories in a bowl and have the the bride select them one by one and read them aloud. Let your guests guess to whom each memory belongs.

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2. Mixology Master

Design a well stocked bar and invite your party attendees to create their own co*cktails. Have drink recipes on hand for inspiration, or have a bartender available to help as needed and to share a few mixology tricks. Make it a competition by choosing a judge to taste test all the boozy concoctions. Gift the winner a bottle of Champagne—hopefully she shares.

3. Recipe Roulette

Provide blank recipe cards at the start of the party and encourage each guest to write down her—or his—favorite recipe to share with the bride-to-be. From beloved appetizer ideas to easy-to-make main dishes and desserts, this is a fun activity to start conversations while gifting the bride a reservoir of recipes to start her married life with.

4. Looking for Love

A playful and stylish scavenger hunt will get guests moving while getting to know one another in an interactive and competitive setting. This is an especially great activity option if you're hosting a co-ed bridal shower. If the event is in the couple's hometown, use clues like, "This is where the couple first met" or "This is where the bride and groom had their first date" as a fun place to start. Take your party-goer experience to the next level by booking a chic limo or car service to take everyone around town. Pro tip: Have a co*cktail waiting at each stop.

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5. Find the Guest

It’s likely some guests, especially bridesmaids you've gotten close with in various times of life, will be meeting each other for the first time at the bridal shower. A game like "Find the Guest" is one of those traditional bridal shower activities that also serves as an icebreaker—especially if you have a rather quiet group. Each guest should receive a checklist, like this, where they have to find someone who has a certain characteristic. The more you know about the wedding guests, the more fun you can have with this. Work the room to find another guest who...

  • Traveled to another country within the last month
  • Speaks another language (fluently)
  • Has been married for more than 10 years
  • Has more than three kids—or pets
  • Is wearing blue shoes
  • Etc.

Finish off the game by lettings your guests reveal their most interesting findings. Odds are, not even the bride and groom know some of the fun facts this game is likely to reveal.

6. Name that Song

There’s a few ways you can play this game: Without too much prep work, you can find a great “First Dance” song playlist on Spotify (like this by Jarrell Entertainment) and preview songs for your guests to be the first to—you guessed it—name that song. Bonus points if they can name the artist, too. Get people mingling by making this a team sport, and tallying the points to decide the winner.

If you want to take this game to the next level, reach out to your attending married friends and family in advance for the scoop on their first dance song choices. Display photos of the chosen couples or print out a game card with their names and song options for your guests to match. Note: this only works well if your party invitees all know each other well.

Having a live band at the bridal shower? Incorporate them into this also.

7. Vow Mad Libs

Print out traditional vows, leaving blanks for nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Have a bridesmaid, or MOH, ask each guest for a word to fill in a blank. At the end of the party, invite the bride to read her “new” wedding vows aloud. Literary types and non-game lovers alike will get a kick out of the nostalgic ways their friend's new "vows" were created. This game is quick and easy, and the bride will have a keepsake that she’ll laugh at later.

8. Celebrity Guessing Game

Print out colored photographs or polaroids of both parts of celebrity couples and leave one at each place setting. Get your guests together and ask them to identify who they've received, and find their celebrity's match in the room throughout the night. Don't make it too easy though—the less obvious the better. Make sure someone in your party is fluent in pop-culture to serve as the judge and jury.

9. It’s Tradition

If you’re going to play a game at the bridal shower, let’s make it educational—shall we? Make a list of wedding traditions form around the world: donning henna in India, releasing doves like the Dutch, or wearing black in Spain, to name a few, and quiz and enlighten your guests with traditional wedding knowledge. Quiz your guests on the the country that pairs with the most unique wedding traditions, along with why the traditions came about. The guest with the most correct answers should be rewarded with a chic prize.

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10. Celebrity Status

Make a list of your favorite celebrity wives and husbands. Assign each guest a name, and on their turn have them hold the name of their celeb to their head without glancing at it. Have other party-goers describe who he or she "is" to help the guest determine his or her celeb status. Similar to the game Heads Up! (and like any game), this is best played after a few co*cktails. After all, who wouldn't want to be Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian West for a day?

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10 Bridal Shower Game Ideas You Won't Hate Playing (2024)
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